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Marketing Specialist for Mobile Games
Job Type : Sales and Customer Service Managers > IT Business & Sales Related Manager
Hong Kong USA Australia GameSpring Bachelor´s Degree 2018/05/08 2018/05/23
Interpretation and Administration staff in BangKok office
Job Type : Administrative and Business Support Management Occupations > General and Human Resources Manager
Thailand Donglim Global Co., Ltd. etc. 2018/05/03 2018/05/24
Community Manager in Korea
Job Type : Sales and Customer Service Managers > Other Sales and Customer Service Managers
South Korea USA Australia cookapps 2018/04/30 Until position filled
Secretary of CEO with capable of speak fluent English and Korean with some similar experiences.
Job Type : Administrative and Business Support Management Occupations > Other Administration and Business Support Managers
USA FORCANS INC Bachelor´s Degree 2018/04/23 Until position filled
Analyst of Startup accelerator in Korea
Job Type : Business and Finance Professionals and Related Occupations > Financial Investment and Credit Analysts
Singapore South Korea Bigbang Angels,Inc. Bachelor´s Degree 2018/04/20 2018/05/30
Incinerator and Power plant Sales and Marketing in Russia and member countries of Eurasian Customs Union(EACU).
Job Type : Sales and Customer Service Managers > Business Sales Related Managers (Except IT Business)
South Korea KC Cottrell Co.,Ltd. Bachelor´s Degree 2018/04/18 2018/06/01
[International Students] Research & Development in India
Job Type : Engineering Professionals and Technical Occupations > Automobile, Ship, Aircraft, Railroad Engineer & Researcher
South Korea MIBOGEAR Bachelor´s Degree 2018/03/15 Until position filled
[International Students] Web Developer (Back-end) in South Korea
Job Type : Information and Communication Professionals and Technical Occupations > System Software Developers
ISD Inc 2018/02/02 Until position filled
Radar engineer
Job Type : Craft and Related Trades Workers > Electric and Electronic Related Trade Occupations
Russian Fed. SeoYon E-Hwa Bachelor´s Degree 2018/01/19 Until position filled
Forwarding operation / accounting staff in Vietnam
Job Type : Others > Others
Vietnam H&FRIENDS VTN Bachelor´s Degree 2018/01/15 Until position filled
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