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17. What is the starting salary of fresh graduates in Korea?

The starting salary of fresh graduates depends on the industry and type of position. For more information, please visit,,_Republic_Of/Salary

16. What kinds of insurance benefits will I be receiving from the Korean companies?

There are 4 different types of insurance (National Pension, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, National Health Insurance and Employment Insurance) that Korean companies cover for their Korean employees obligatorily in Korea. Only two types of insurance: Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance and National Health Insurance are mandatory for foreign employees. However, if a foreign employee either works over 80 hours per week or has an employment contract with a Korean company, he/she meets the qualification of receiving all four insurances.

15. Am I going to get charged when I use the service of Contact KOREA?

No, it’s completely free. From matching you with the right Korean company, holding and connecting online interviews to sponsoring visa/immigration, all these processes will be covered by Contact KOREA.

14. When are the national/official holidays in Korea?

Usually, there is no work on Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays will be taken off as well. However, depending on each individual’s companies’ conditions, you might be asked to work during weekends or holidays. You will be compensated according with either extra pay or by earning extra off-days to use later on. But again this is according to your company and may vary according to each company. You will either get paid extra or earn off-days to use later on.

< Korean Legal Holidays >

(1) Every Saturday and Sunday.

(2) Official Holidays

New Year's Day

January 1st

Anniversary of Samiljeol

(Independence Movement Day)

March 1st

Children's Day

May 5th

The Buddha's Birthday

May 21th

Memorial Day

June 6th

Independence Day

August 15th

The National foundation day of Korea

October 3rd


December 25th

Lunar New Year's Day (3 days)

December 31st ~ January 2nd (of lunar calendar)

Thanksgiving holiday (3 days)

August 14th ~ 16th (of lunar calendar)

13. What happens if I want to get a new job in Korea again after my contract is over? Should I re-entry into Korea?
In the past, in cases of re-employment, you had to re-enter Korea after leaving Korea for a one month period and then were allowed to work for another 3 years after the completion of the first 3-year sojourn period. However, the Ministry of Labor has revised the Act on Foreign workers so that foreign workers may work for another 2 years without staying outside of Korea after the completion of 3 year sojourn period. For more information, please call NLCC (National Labor Consultation Center) at 031-345-5000.
12. How and where can I check out job openings that are applicable to me after registering my GTR?

Every time a new job is registered, it will be on the board under “Find Jobs” on Contact KOREA’s website. You can visit the website frequently, keeping up with the new job openings that you are interested in, and be able to apply for an interview for the specific job openings. There will be no email notifications or other additional contacts from Contact KOREA. Furthermore, if you have any question about how to request interviews with Korean companies on our website, please visit “Notice” > ”How to use our website” > “How to search for any job openings in Korean companies” on our website. You can get more details about using our website there.

Furthermore, if you have any question about how to request interviews with Korean companies on our website, please visit “Notice” > ”How to use our website” > “How to search for any job openings in Korean companies” on our website. You can get more details about using our website there.

11. How long is the official/general working hours in Korean companies per day?

A Working hour is the time that you stay at work without a break such as lunch. The standard working hours that we consider is 40 hours per week so that working hours per day is 8 hours. However, once you come to an agreement with a company, it would get extended up to 12 hours per week. You have the right to take a 30 minutes break if you work for 4 hours and an hour break for 8 hours of working.

10. Are there any institutes that offer Korean language classes?

Yes, there are many educational institutes that help foreigners learn Korean. The Korean Migrants' Center is a place where foreigners can take different levels of Korean classes for free. In addition, Korean language courses are available at some universities or public institutes for free or with charge.


[Please contact the "Korean Migrants' Center" at 02-6900-8000 or check out the website]


[List of Korean Language Schools]






GANADA Korean Language Institute


Korean Language Institute

Sunmoon University


Ewha Womans University

Korean Language School


Yonsei University

Korean Language Institute



Language Academy


Seoul National University Language Education Institute


Hankuk University

of Foreign Studies


Hanyang University

International Language Institute


Kon-kuk Foreign


Language Institute


International Language School

of Dankook


YBM SISA Language Institute






9. What language do people speak in Korea?

Korean is the official language of Korea. However, you won’t have much difficulty getting around because of language barriers in Korea, since all the public signs and information are in English or other foreign languages.

8. How about Visa for my family members, if I bring them with me?

If you get hired by a Korean company through Contact KOREA, you will get an E-7 visa, which is for special occupations, such as Engineering, Computer programming, Management, and etc. In this case, your family members will get F-3 visas as well (Family Dependent Visa) which allows long-term stay in the country legally. You can apply for these visas at the Korean embassy or Korean consulate.


[If you have any questions, feel free to contact “Hi Korea” at : 1345]

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