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How to Post

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1. Sign in after signing up as a member.
2. Click the ‘Post Resume’ on the upper menu.
3. Please enter the basic personal information. You can upload your photo by clicking the [Browse] button.
4. Please fill out the detailed resume areas such as Experience, Educational Background, Technical Expertise. Clicking the [add] button allows you to add more rows. Clicking the [delete] button deletes each section in an area.
5. To make your resume searchable to hiring companies, please enter the keywords related to your career, job type, job tasks, etc. You can enter more keywords by clicking the [+] button.
6. Please create a Career Goal Statement to introduce yourself to the hiring companies. Maximum length is 2000 bytes.
7. If you have any related documents to be attached to your resume, click the [+Add] button.
Clicking the [Temporary Save] button will temporarily save your resume and allow you to modify it at My Page. If you click the [Save] button, your resume will be submitted to Contact KOREA. Once you post your resume, it will be shown to whom it may be concerned, so please take enough time to create a resume.
8. What you’ve saved can be reviewed at My Page.
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