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We support Global Talent to have great opportunities of working in Korea by providing an one-stop service such as holding and connecting online interviews between applicants and companies, verifying education/experience background, and sponsoring visa/immigration.

  • Matching Service
    Providing information to foreign professionals with job opening and arranging interviews.
  • Qualification verification ervice
    Checking career history of potential candidates
  • Visa sponsorship
    For Visa sponsorship to prospective employees after signing an employment contract, Contact KOREA expects to receive permission for this from the Ministry of Justice in February 2010.
  • Affercare services
    Settlement support in Korea
  • Finding Talented Individuals
    Contact KOREA��s overseas Korea Business Centers (KBCs) are in charge of finding talented professionals from various fields in accordance with demands of companies in both private and public sectors. Then they provide the Database to Korean companies.


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