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A very fast, busy and exciting life

Most foreigners living in Korea comment on how time files in this busy nation. Korean people love socializing, traveling, indulging in hobbies, and making new connections. Before you know it, your schedule will be crammed with a combination of work and play, and each week will be passing before you even know it's started.

Ultra-convenient lifestyle

The high-speed way of life is backed up by high quality and cheap public transportation, a speedy and friendly customer service culture, the world's highest rate of ultra-high speed internet connection, and service industries that operate late into the night for increased convenience.

abundant culture and leisure

Many sites in Korea have been internationally recognized by UNESCO and inscribed on its World Heritage list, including nine cultural sites and one natural site. In addition, Korea's cities are replete with concert halls, theaters, museums, and Korean and foreign restaurants. For more serious relaxation, the countryside is full of forested mountains and quiet beaches.

Foreigner-friendly immigration policy and low tax rates

Korea combines high living standards with low taxes and living costs. Rented accommodation is easy to find. The Visa Recommendation Policy adopted by Global talent recruiting center, meanwhile, has streamlined the country's visa issuance process, making immigration even easier.

Special services for international residents

A wide and increasing services are available for Korea's foreign residents, including Seoul Global Center, 120 Dasan Call Center, many international schools, international clinics, hospitals, and business and investment advisory service.

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