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Driver's License Information

Holders of an international driver's license
  • An international driver's license is as valid as a Korean driver's license during its term of validity.
  • The term of validity is limited to one year. If the term has expired, the driver should apply to have the license converted to a Korean license.
  • A person with an invalid Korean driver's license will not be allowed to drive in Korea with an international driver's license.
Driver's license test for foreigners
  • Bring your country's driver's license.
  • You can take a test in English, Chinese, Japanese, German, or French. The test is multiple choice and has 20 questions
  • Test preparation books can be purchased in English or Chinese at Driver's License Examination Offices
  • Refer to the homepage of the Driver's License Agency < www.dla.go.k > for test details in English, Japanese or Chinese
Converting another country's driver's license

Since July 1, 2003, foreigners from countries that recognize Korean driver's licenses have been able to drive in Korea with his or her country's driver's license. However, a foreigner from a country that does not accept a Korean driver's license needs to take a test to drive in Korea. He or she can obtain a Korean driver's license upon passing the test.

Required documents
  • A driver's license issued in the country of the driver's nationality, passport or alien registration card, seal (signature is possible), and three photos (3×4cm).
  • The passport must prove that the person was in his or her country when he/she obtained the driver's license.
  • Notary of a translation (except for English) of the person's driver's license issued in his or her own country and an Embassy confirmation letter (not needed for those who got his or her driver's license in the U.S., England, France, Canada, Germany, Japan and Spain.)
  • When a person's driver's license does not indicate the issuance date, a certification letter indicating the issuing date of the driver's license is needed.
  • Application fee: 6,000 won
  • Physical examination: 5,000 won
  • A Simplified written test: 6.000 won

A Korean who has a foreign nationality should have proof of a residency card. A Korean who has a legal resident card of a foreign country should have proof of the residency card showing his or her Korean nationality, or an overseas Korean residency card. These documents must be presented in person, not through an agent.

Acquiring a Korean license for those with no valid license

(Procedures are the same for Korean applicants)

  • Qualifications: Lived in Korea for more than 6 months
  • Application/Issuance: At 26 driver's license test sites across the country
  • Test languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese
    • Application fee: 5.000 won
    • Physical examination fee: 6.000 won
  • Expiration date: 7 years (For holders of Class I driver's license 65 years of age or older, renewal is mandatory every 5 years.)
    • Required documents: Passport or alien registration card and four photos

By undergoing a physical at a hospital registered with the Driver's License Agency, an agent may apply for a Korean driver's license on your behalf by presenting the form attached to the results of the physical test.

Reissuance of a lost driver's license
  • Reissuance: At 26 driver's license test sites across the country or the License Section of the National Police Station
  • Duplicates
    • Damaged license: Submit the damaged license when applying.
    • Lost license: Report it and apply for a new license at the same time

Driver's license duplicate: May be obtained on the same day at the Driver's License Agency and within 20 days when applying for a duplicate at the police station.

  • Required documents:
    • Duplicating a lost driver's license
      • Alien registration card and passport picture for application
      • Picture required when applying for a temporary driver's license at the police station
      • Alien registration card, passport, or public official card required when picking up the license
    • Duplicating a damaged driver's license
      • ID card and a passport picture required for application
      • ID card, passport, or public official card required when picking up the license
  • Fee: 6,000 won
  • When applying for a temporary driver's license at a police station, you can drive for 20 days from the issuance date.
  • When you apply for a driver's license through an agent, your agent should bring your ID card as well as his or her ID card.
  • Reporting address change: When drivers change their place of residence, they should take their driver's license to their gu office so the change can be recorded.
Driver's license test sites

English translation service is available only at the Driver's License Agency in Seoul.

  • Driver's License Examination Offices
    • Driver's License Agency
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 02-374-0080
    • Gangnam
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 02-561-6029
    • Dobong
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 02-934-7000
    • Gangseo
      Tel. 02-2661-0357 Fax. 02-2666-9036
    • Seobu
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 02-374-6344
    • Incheon
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 032-822-5118
    • Yongin
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 031-282-7713
    • Ansan
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 031-486-4007
    • Uijeongbu
      Tel. 1577-1120 Fax. 031-847-6336

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