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Integrated Fare System

Seoul City has the integrated fare system designed to reduce financial burdens when switching between forms of mass transportation. Passengers will have to pay 900 Won (1,000 Won in cash) over a given distance no matter how many times they change between buses (including village buses) and subways, with an increment of 100 won charged for every additional 5 km.


A valid T-Money card or existing traffic card is required to get discount. A passenger needs to present his/her traffic card to the fare terminal when getting on and off the bus (or subway line), and he/she must repeat this procedure when transferring to another form of transportation to record the distance covered.

To be eligible for the discount, a passenger must transfer to the next bus or subway train within half an hour of alighting from the last mode of transportation (or within an hour between 09:00 p.m. and 07:00 a.m. ).

Passengers who pay their fare in cash will pay 100 won more than travelers using a traffic card.

T-Money can be purchased and refilled at vendor kiosks selling bus tickets near most city bus stops, or any Woori Bank branch. Passengers can also use the automated refilling machines located at each subway station. Existing traffic cards will continue to be used, along with T-Money.

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